Our products use materials that contain no  PFOA and PFOS and 

that qualify for use in contact with food, in compliance with FDA

and EU Regulations. All of our products provide various

options for our customers and include the  qualities  of  being 

non-toxic, heat resistant , abrasion resistant, and non-stick . 

Our coatings are available in a wide variety of colors,customized

colors which can be  chosen  from  an international color code.


We provide comprehensive  services and solu tions to our clients and available  in five types of coating.


1. RP 300 series  PTFE Fluorocarbon  Paint

2. SP 300 series  PTFE Fluorocarbon Paint

3. KP 500 series  PTFE Fluorocarbon Paint

4. HP series PFA Fluorocarbon Paint

5. AP series Silicon  Paint  


It is in compliance with FDA and LFGB (EN 13130-1) regulations.

It has passed Specific Migration of Heavy Metal test of EU New

Plastics   Food Container Regulation,contains no PFOA   and PFOS as   well.